Colliery Alick wins a Blue at his First American Driving Society
(ADS) Driving Trials Competition!

On Sunday, June 18th, Alick competed in his first ADS sanctioned Driving Trials competition. Like a Combined Driving Event (CDE), a Driving Trials competition is made up of three parts - a dressage test, an obstacle cones course, and a marathon course - but is completed in one day rather than the three days that a traditional CDE takes.

Alick and his trainer, Roger Cleverly (a native Englishman), went to the show to "play" and get a feel for the rules of the game. With Alick only about 50 days under harness, Roger didn't expect even to place, but Alick had other ideas and came home with a First Place ribbon in the Training Level - Ponies class!

Few of the competitors or spectators were familiar with Dales Ponies, and Alick proved, once again, a most capable breed ambassador at the show. With his growing fan base in California, Alick is really "getting the word out" regarding the beauty, trainability, athleticism, and versatility of the Dales Pony.



Photos by Davidson Dales