Alick is the High Point Pony Award Winner at the
Sonoma County Carriage Classic!


On July 23rd, in 106 °F degree heat, Alick continued his blue ribbon streak in carriage driving in Santa Rosa. At the Carriage Classic, Alick entered 6 classes and came home with 3 first place ribbons and 1 second place. And, as icing on the cake, he was named High Point Pony Winner!

Alick was driven not only by his trainer and fellow Englishman Roger Cleverly, but also by the very talented driver Celine Rickards from Carriage Driving Essentials. This was only Celine's second time driving Alick, but the two of them looked great together!

Alick was very popular with the driving crowd at the Carriage Classic, and Davidson Dales looks forward to bringing him back in 2007!


Driver Celine Rickards in the "Ladies to Drive" class



Driver Roger Cleverly in Pleasure Driving, Cones, and Marathon



Photos by Davidson Dales