Alick wins Third Place at Ram Tap CDE!

Alick and his trainer, Roger Cleverly, competed in their first CDE at Ram Tap April 20-22, 2007. Alick competed at Training level in the single pony division. He was up against 8 other competitors and wowed us all by bringing home a third place ribbon!

He and Roger have been working on their dressage and we hoped to really show off Alick's abilities. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, and Roger had to compete for Alick's attention with a mini "twister" just outside the dressage ring Ð complete with several sage brush bushes dancing in the wind column!

Alick demonstrated his solid, dependable, temperament through the test; he didn't spook, bolt, or freeze even when the twister was only 20 feet away and blowing straight for him.

Roger and Alick went clean through the marathon on Saturday and the cones course on Sunday, finishing with their dressage score. In a sport where first time competitors often find themselves eliminated from competition, Alick proved once again how truly versatile and dependable the Dales Pony breed is in the show ring!