NPS America


On January 18, 2008 the United Kingdom’s National Pony Society (NPS) council unanimously voted to accept NPS America’s application for membership in its 115 year old organization. The NPS was developed to encourage the breeding, registration and improvement of British Riding and Mountain & Moorland ponies and to foster the welfare of ponies in general. The organization has continually recognized the importance of the Mountain & Moorland breeds - the Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Exmoor, Fell, Highland, New Forest, British Shetland and Welsh ponies and cobs.


NPS America is the first international area chapter of the NPS and will be critical to the development of Mountain & Moorland and British Riding ponies in America. While many of these pony breeds are embraced in the United States, others are little known. The rarer breeds, like the Dales and Highland, are slowly growing in popularity, while mainstays like the Connemara and Welsh continue to be top choices for equine enthusiasts. NPS America will cultivate these ponies as safe, versatile, and talented mounts for both the amateur and professional horseman, while acting as a resource for breeders and owners alike in maintaining the traditional character of these breeds.


The dream of NPS America began in California with a small but dedicated group of Mountain & Moorland enthusiasts and breeders. NPS Chairperson Linda Impey was instrumental in the development of NPS America, acting as a mentor to the intrepid group and offering her assistance in the application process. Davidson Dales and Dartmoor Ponies is proud to be a Founders' Circle member of this exciting new organization and we encourage all M&M Pony enthusiasts to join! Checkout NPS America here.