Our Dales Mares

The stallion’s genes are only half the equation. In order to produce the best foals, you have to start with exceptional brood mares. Our two Dales Pony mares are both registered Section A and bring outstanding bloodlines, conformation, and temperaments to our breeding program.

Red Prairie Rose

Rose was foaled in May 1998 at Blooming Dales Pony Farm in Oregon and has produced two outstanding foals, both by Colliery Alick, thus far in her breeding career. She stands about 13.3hh and is all black except for a small star. While she is beautiful to look at, her best quality is her friendly and inquisitive personality, which she passes on to her foals. We gave Rose a break from breeding in 2005 to train her to ride and jump. She was bred back to Alick in the spring of 2006 for a 2007 foal. See more information on Rose.

Redprairie Rose (Section A Dales Pony mare)

Bickerdike by Design (“Dessie”)

Dessie was bred in Canada at the Bickerdike Dales Pony Farm in Edmonton, Alberta. She was foaled in 2002 and has the lovely Dales temperament the breed is known for. Dessie’s dark coat is slowly turning grey, which, though less common than black, is completely acceptable in the Dales Pony Society. Dessie has nice conformation with lots and lots of mane, tail and feather. Being a three-year old she still has some growing and refining to do, but we expect her to mature into a beautiful, 14.1hh mare. She is currently in training with Roger Cleverly after winning second place in the ridden class at the Welsh Pony and Cob Association of California’s first Mountain and Moorland show! Dessie was first bred this year. See more information on Dessie.

Dessie in  ridden class