Our Trainers
Roger Cleverly – Carriage Driving and Mountain & Moorland

Alick named Grand Champion at West Coast Connemara Show 2007 Alick and Roger on cover of The Native Pony magazine Alick and Roger winning a blue ribbon at Preliminary level at Clay Station

Roger has worked with many breeds of horses, ponies and minis for over 32 years, in both the UK and USA. In Britain, he competed in hunter jumping, dressage, horse trials, endurance rides, rode as an amateur in National Hunt steeplechase racing, was an amateur exercise rider and assistant trainer at Cree Lodge Racing Stables at Ayr in Scotland, and rode to hounds with the Lanark and Renfrew, and Eglinton Foxhounds.

Since arriving in CA in 1998, Roger has competed in hunter/jumper classes, shown ponies in hand and under saddle, and has become a skilled whip in carriage driving events. He has formed a formidable partnership with Davidson Dales’ stallion Colliery Alick, winning many classes in Pleasure Driving and Combined Driving (the driven equivalent of eventing).

His specialties are coaching hunter jumpers, re-schooling ex-racetrack Thoroughbreds for second careers; training horses, ponies and minis for driving, and training pleasure and competitive drivers. Roger is an enthusiastic promoter of British Mountain and Moorland pony breeds. When the United States was accepted as the first international chapter of the National Pony Society in the United Kingdom (NPS America), Roger volunteered to join the management team, and currently serves as Treasurer. He is also a member of the Dales Pony Society (DPS) and the Dales Pony Society of America (DPSA).

Adrienne Grasso
Hunter/Jumpers, English Pleasure, and Mountain & Moorland

Adrienne has been working with and riding horses since she was six years old. She has successfully competed with both hunters and jumpers on the “A” circuit and enjoys mentoring competitors at all stages of riding, from beginners through advanced levels of competition.

Adrienne is especially fond of ponies and has extensive experience showing Welsh Ponies and Cobs and Pony Hunters. She has recently begun showing both Dales Ponies and Fell Ponies (Mountain and Moorland Breeds from the UK) in-hand and ridden. Adrienne was pleased to show the Supreme Grand Champion winner, the Dales Pony stallion Colliery Alick, at the first Mountain and Moorland show in California, at Brookside Equestrian Center in September 2006. In 2008, she produced the Ridden Mountain and Moorland Champion at the Welsh Pacific Coast Classic, Bickerdike by Design, and won the Novice Working Hunter Pony class with Colliery Alick.

Adrienne also enjoys starting young horses of all breeds including Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, Arabians, Quarter Horses, ponies of all breeds, and draft crosses. She begins by instilling solid ground manners and moves at the horse’s pace to help ensure a well-adjusted riding partner with skills appropriate for its intended job.